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Summer Day Clinics 

CLINICS FOR BOYS AND GIRLS 3RD-8TH GRADE (Scroll down for details on each clinic)

      June 10-13 - Follow Your Shot

      June 17-20 - Triple Threat

      June 24 - July 17 - Summer School

      August 5-8 - The League

 Summer Night Clinics

 CLINICS FOR BOYS AND GIRLS 3RD-8TH GRADE (Scroll down for details on each clinic)

      June 11-27 - June Monthly Clinic

      July 9-25 - July Monthly Clinic


August Camps

 CLINICS FOR BOYS AND GIRLS 3RD-12TH GRADE (Scroll down for details on each clinic)

      August 5,6,7,8 - The League

      Augst 6-29 - August Shooting Academy



 Follow Your Shot - Day Clinic


June 10,11,12,13 - $105 (4 sessions)

3rd-5th - 9am to 1030am - REGISTER HERE

6th-8th - 1030am to 12pm - REGISTER HERE

When calling it the " Follow Your Shot Clinic" we are poking fun at one of the biggest misconceptions that most players are told when learning how to shoot from the perimeter. At this clinic you will learn why great shooters don't practice following their shot and concentrate on something completely different.  

Progessions that will be taught:

  • Feet, Stance, Form, Mentality in that order- Our shooters are built like a house- foundation first.
  • Catch and Shoot Footwork
  • Off the Dribble Footwork
  • Using Screens and Setting Screens
  • Becoming a Threat Without The Ball
  • Building the Breakaway Shooting Mindset
  • Bonus Features of the Clinic:

  • Personal Stories from the Breakaway coaches who have broken shooting records of their own
  • The Final Day will consist of shooting competitions:
  • Awards will be given to the following:

  • Hot Shot Challenge
  • Free Throw Challenge
  • 3pt Challenge
  • In a Row Challenge
  • Shooting is the most difficult skill to be great at in basketball because it's takes the most discipline, a very strong commitment level, a willingness to build the right habits for the future, and will take the most time on your own. No coach can make any player a great shooter, GREAT gets describe about shooters because of the lessons they have learned and the willingness to work while others won't. Great shooters just don't shoot at practice or in games, they shoot all the time. Great shooters love the process and love repetition. This clinic is for the focused player who really is starting to enjoy the process.  

     Triple Threat - Day Clinic


    June 17,18,19,20 - $105 (4 sessions)

    3rd-5th - 9am to 1030am - REGISTER HERE

    6th-8th - 1030am to 12pm - REGISTER HERE

    This 4 day clinic will focus on Individual/Team Offense, Individual/Team Defense, and organized game play. This is all about complete player development. This will give all our 3rd-8th grade boys and girls the chance to learn how to be a 2 way player.  

    Players will be spend thirty minutes each day working on Individual/Team offensive skills and concepts. Players will then spend thirty minutes working on Individual/Team defensive skills and concepts. The last thirty minutes players will get the opportunity to transfer the skills being taught in organized game play situations.

    Offensive Focus:

    • Single Ball progression ( stationary and on the move)
    • Two Ball progression ( stationary and on the move)
    • Finishing School ( 5 finishes based off the defense)
    • Two Ball Passing progression
    • Shooting Progression
    • Pass and Cut
    • Pass/Cut/Fill
    • Pass and Screen Away

    Defensive Focus

    • Stance and Footwork
    • Defending the Ball
    • Proper Closeout
    • Jump to the Ball/ Sprint to the Help
    • 1 pass away (Gap)
    • 2 pass away (Help)
    • Gap and Thru on Away Screens

    Game Play

    • 1 on 1 King of The Court
    • 2 on 2 King of The Court
    • 3 on 3 King of The Court
    • 3 on 3 Tournament

     Summer School - Day Clinic


    Mon/Wed Option - June 24,26 July 8,10,15,17 - $155 (6 sessions)

    3rd-5th - M/W  9am to 1030am - REGISTER HERE

    6th-8th - M/W  1030am to 12pm - REGISTER HERE

    3 week complete player development camp- 1.5 hours each day - 2 days a week. This camp runs Monday/Wednesday June 24th thru July 17th. There will be NO camp July 1st-5th. Summer School is for the players who want to take their development to the next level. Summer School is open to all players 3rd-8th grade. In this clinic players will receive the following:  

    Each day 1 hour of skill development and 30 minutes of team type transfer drills and live scrimmages. Each week will have its main focus, but will also include the prior weeks focus.

    Week 1: Ball On A String- This week is all about dribbling, passing, and finishing around the rim.

    • Stationary Ballhandling ( Regular Ball, 2 Ball, Heavy Ball)
    • Handles On The Move ( Regular Ball, 2 Ball, Heavy Ball)
    • Stationary Passing ( 2 Ball Partner Series)
    • Breakaway Full Court Passing Progression
    • Finishing School ( 5 must learn finishes from 3 different angles)
    • Live Handles with Finishes

    Week 2: Shooting- The most difficult skill to become great at in basketball- come find out why!

    • Building Our Shooter
    • Focused Form Shooting Without The Ball
    • Spin Outs and Dribble Outs
    • Proper Footwork- Off the catch and Off the dribble
    • Proper Form and Release- Find YOUR Authentic Stroke
    • Catch and Shoot
    • Off The Dribble
    • Out of Triple Threat
    • Using and Setting Screens
    • Breakaway Shooting Mentality

    Week 3: TEAM - It's not about running plays, it's about learning HOW to play!

    • Motion Offense Concepts ( spacing and ball movement)
    • Basket Cut
    • Screen Away
    • 1 on 1 On The Ball Defense
    • 1 Pass Away- Learn Deny and Gap Principles
    • 2 pass Away- Help Help Help!
    • Defending Screens
    • War Rebounding

    The Breakaway Mindset: Players will learn life skills and messages that will help instill confidence, discipline, respect, and truly learning how to operate outside of their comfort zone. Coach Greg and his staff will be leading all hours of instruction. Coach Greg will be sharing personal stories and messages to help inspire and motivate the players in camp.


     June & July Monthly Night Clinics


    Tues/Thur - June 11, 13, 18, 20, 25, 27 - $135 (6 sessions)

    3rd-5th - T/TH  530pm to 645pm - JUNE REGISTRATION

    6th-8th - T/TH  645pm to 8pm - JUNE REGISTRATION

    Tues/Thur - July 9, 11, 16, 18, 23, 25 - $135 (6 sessions) 

    3rd-5th - T/TH  530pm to 645pm - JULY REGISTRATION

    6th-8th - T/TH  645pm to 8pm - JULY REGISTRATION


    Tues/Thur - June & July (12 sessions) - $225 ($45 discount)

    3rd-5th - T/TH  530pm to 645pm - BOTH SESSION REGISTRATION

    6th-8th - T/TH  645pm to 8pm - BOTH SESSION REGISTRATION

    Our weeknight training is all about putting in WORK and getting BETTER. Our clinics are treated like a practice with a Head Coach and multiple assistants. We always strive for 6 player to 1 coach ratio.  

    Each class is designed with 1 hour of skill development followed by 15 minutes of organized transfer and play settings. We show our players what truly is possible when you attack your practice with great focus and great effort. The FUN is all about seeing yourself get better and gain confidence along the way.   

    Skills that will be focused on during the month is:  

  • Single Ball Progression
  • Heavy Ball Progression
  • 2 Ball Progression Dribble and Pass
  • Single and Combo Dribble moves
  • Finishing Moves
  • Catch and Shoot Progression
  • Off the Dribble Shooting
  • Triple Threat Attack
  • Moving without the Ball
  • Live 3 on 3 King of the Court
  • Breakaway Progression
  •  The League

    August 5,6,7,8 - $120 (4 sessions) - CANCELLED for 2019

    3rd-5th - 9am to 1030am - REGISTER HERE

    6th-8th - 1030am to 12pm - REGISTER HERE

    4 day 

    1.5 hours each day. This 5 day clinic is open for players 3rd-8th grade. In these 7.5 hours of training players will receive the following:

    All players will go through skills and drills. While participating in these skills and drills, players will be evaluated by all Breakaway coaches. Before the start of Day 2 players will be put on a team.

    Day 2,3

    All players are now placed on a team (8 teams) and each day try to earn Team points and Individual points for their group. All Challenges will be based on skill development and working effectively as a team.

    Day 4

    This day we begin our 3 on 3 Tournament, Playoffs, and Championship Games.

    Prizes and gifts will be awarded for the following:

  • Overall 3 on 3 Championship Team
  • Individual Shooting Champion
  • Individual Ballhandling Champion
  • Individual Layup Champion
  • 1 on 1 Champion
  • The Breakaway Mindset:

    Players will learn life skills and messages that will help instill confidence, discipline, respect, and truly learning how to operate outside of their comfort zone. Helping players learn how to work hard and understanding that being successful at anything is a process. Every journey will include hard work, focus, perseverance, and patience. We are excited to support your child on their own individual journey.



     August Shooting Academy


    August 6,8,13,15,27,29 - Tuesday/Thursday $120 (6 sessions)

    3rd-5th - 500pm to 615pm - REGISTER HERE

    6th-8th - 615pm to 730pm - REGISTER HERE

    9th-12th - 730pm to 900pm - REGISTER HERE

    Our Shooting Academy will take place in the evenings during the month of August. The first two weeks registration is open to players making the twice a week commitment so we can build on our teachings each day. The Shooting Academy will be open for Boys and Girls 3rd-12th grade.  

    The month of August will be dedicated to strictly shooting. Players will work thru our teaching progressions and each week we will add a new component. I can not stress how important it is for players to learn how to shoot the RIGHT way at a young age.

    • Week 1: Balance, Footwork, Form, Catch and Shoot
    • Week 2: Footwork and technique off the dribble
    • Week 3: Footwork and technique out of a triple threat opportunity; Motion Shooting Concepts and Shooting Challenges

    By registering for our August Shooting Academy it will not guarantee that your child will become a great shooter, that will be up to them and their commitment level. But I will guarantee players will learn concepts to help them have a chance at becoming a great shooter and most importantly they will learn how to shoot the right way.  


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    Winter Break Clinics




    Our two 3 day clinics are a great way to stay sharp and GET BETTER over the holiday break.


          Dec 26-28 - Winter Experience - Session #1

    • 3rd-5th Grade (9:00a - 10:30a)  
    • 6th-8th Grade (10:30a - 12:00p)



  • Stationary Single and Two Ball Ballhandling Progressions
  • Single Ball Ballhandling on the move
  • 5 Finishes around the Rim
  • Shooting off the catch and off the dribble
  • 1 on 1 Live
  • 2 on 2 Live
  • 3 on 3 Live

          Jan 2-4 - The League - Session #2  

    • 3rd-5th Grade (9:00a - 10:30a)  
    • 6th-8th Grade (10:30a - 12:00p)



  • Breakaway Skill Combine and Draft for 3 on 3 teams
  • Regular Season 3 on 3 games
  • Competition Day and Playoffs for 3 on 3

    If you have questions please let Greg Ktistou know and we look forward to seeing you in the gym!

    Greg Ktistou (Breakaway Basketball) -